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Message from the President

OMZE is a company that was born based on the ideal and commitment to export Latin American products to international markets, where producers can achieve their goals in a real and sustainable way. Our commitment is to facilitate processes, derived from observing the regulations, certifications, and laws applicable in the target market. In that sense we are proud to support the protection of brands through the trademark registration process with the highest level of quality in the North American market, always promoting representative products that make Latin American culture proud.

The experience obtained with discipline and perseverance over the years allows us to be leaders in the processes of export and import, giving our clients competitive advantages. One of our primary objectives is to considerably reduce the learning curves, thereby making the investments that small and medium companies must make to achieve exportation processes reasonable, sustainable and constant.

The dynamism of our company provides great reaction capacity to serve our customers with timely, personalized service. Our mission is to understand the needs and requirements of our business associates, with professionalism as the main characteristic. This mission allows us to meet individual needs in an efficient manner, providing solutions and seeking the best commercial deal for each of our customers. I truly hope that the information we provide on our website will be useful for our clients and look forward to making more business partners every day.

Receive my best regards

Oscar Mario Zepeda Peralta
President, CEO & Co-Founder